ASTI sponsors understand that supporting hazardous materials safety education and training saves lives and is the right thing to do. ASTI sponsorship is also good for business.

Since 1987 we have grown with the industry and developed relationships with thousands of ammonia end-users, suppliers, public safety professionals, and government agencies.

We are very grateful to our sponsors for their support and glad that we are able to express our appreciation by putting their message in front of potential customers via various online and offline marketing efforts and events around the world.

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We are grateful for the opportunities our National Sponsors have provided us to educate and train thousands of people all over the world, and we would like to pass along to them the gratitude that we hear from Safety Day attendees everywhere.

You probably recognize these companies and maybe even do business with them already, but please take a moment to learn more about them and how they can add value to your programs.

Move your business forward with Airgas

Airgas is one of the nation’s leading single-source suppliers of gases, welding and safety products. Known locally nationwide, our distribution network serves more than one million customers of all sizes with a broad offering of top-quality products and unmatched expertise.

More Than Just Ammonia

Rely on us for a total commitment to the tradition of service. In emergency situations we’re there 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We continually review and improve our processes and procedures to keep up with demands of our industry. We can assist in the design and engineering phase of your ammonia project. We offer complete evacuation services to allow repairs or facilitate shutdown operations.

At Lakeland Industries, our number one priority is creating protective garments that protect your people from fire, hazardous chemicals, and diseases, throughout the world. We design and manufacture a wide variety of technologically advanced protective clothing for workers in a number of industries in which hazardous materials must be handled,

Here at Western Precooling, we’re as passionate about precooling today as when we founded the company in 1942.
Our commitment to helping you get the freshest, healthiest produce to your customers is backed up by our dedicated, experienced staff and a promise to do what it takes to deliver on your precooling needs.
Whatever those needs, we’re flexible. In short, we’ll find a solution that fits. It’s no wonder we’re the industry leader.

Dräger manufactures medical and safety technology products. In so doing, we protect, support, and save people’s lives around the world in hospitals, with fire departments, emergency services, authorities, and in mining as well as industry.

About ASTI

Established in 1987, the Ammonia Safety & Training Institute (ASTI) is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to making ammonia (NH3) the safest managed hazardous material in the world. Bringing together leaders from industry and public safety organizations with hundreds of years of combined experience, ASTI provides safety management support through effective use of Prevention, Mitigation, Preparedness, Response and Recovery (PMPRR) training. All courses meet OSHA standards.