Ammonia Safety Industry News And Information

32 Hour Training

2016, Our 32 Hour Managing Ammonia Training program provides a unique method of preventing, preparing for, responding to and recovering from incidents involving ammonia and other chemicals.

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Ammonia Safety: Top Ten Things You Should Know

Free-flowing ammonia vapor tends to stay together in a shape of its own because, in dense amounts, it creates a cooler than ambient environment. Ammonia travels downwind in a v-pattern and eventually dissipates upward into the atmosphere. Water absorbs ammonia to form...

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Ammonia Safety: Tarp And Cover

Historically, firefighters have used water to attempt to control an ammonia release. ASTI cautions that there are negative impacts to using water on an ammonia release. Water sprayed on a leaking pressure vessel of ammonia may increase heat and extend the time frame...

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The sponsorship of these industry-leading companies helps us continue our mission to make ammonia (NH3) the safest managed hazardous material in the world. We invite you to learn more about them and the benefits of becoming an ASTI sponsor. 

About ASTI

Established in 1987, the Ammonia Safety & Training Institute (ASTI) is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to making ammonia (NH3) the safest managed hazardous material in the world. Bringing together leaders from industry and public safety organizations with hundreds of years of combined experience, ASTI provides safety management support through effective use of Prevention, Mitigation, Preparedness, Response and Recovery (PMPRR) training. All courses meet OSHA standards.